Is Alexa Vega Pregnant?

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Alexa Vega shocked her fans once this year when she tied-the-knot with her Big Time Rush boyfriend Carlos Pena. The couple was engaged for two months before they went to Mexico to get married in an elegant wedding near the beach. Rather than change her last name to Pena, though, both Alexa and Carlos adopted the last name PenaVega – how cute?! It’s been almost three months since the wedding and now Alexa Vega is ready to announce another surprise to her fans. Of course, her fans have some ideas as to what the actress could be getting ready to announce, but are they right? One of the thoughts is that Alexa is pregnant and that she and Carlos are going to be parents. So, is there a little PenaVega baby on the way?

Is Alexa Vega Pregnant?

Mrs. PenaVega spoke out on Twitter and said, “Hahah… Guys! I’m not pregnant. Plenty of time for that :) BUT I am super excited about Los’ announcement. Gonna be awesome!” Alexa Vega is only 25-years-old while Carlos Vega is 24-years-old. They are still young and have plenty of time before they think about having kids, but fans couldn’t resist in thinking that was their big announcement. It seems that rather than start a family, the newlyweds are focusing more on each other and their careers. Alexa recently appeared in a number of films, some of which are set to be released this year. Is she going to announce a new acting project or is she looking to get back into the music scene? Since she disputed the pregnancy rumors, fans have been guessing that perhaps she is going to release some new songs or maybe go on a tour – anything is possible! What do you think the big announcement that Alexa Vega has planned is going to be about?

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